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Unique Company by a Unique Young Man

About Us 

COALPIT Welsh Cake is a small business that likes to use the best local products to create great-tasting and unique black Welsh cakes and other traditional Welsh products. We are an innovative, socially conscious company with a sustainable, ethical ethos.

Director Michael Beynon, Baker and Mencap Myth Buster

Our Story 

Michael, a young man born with Down syndrome, set up COALPIT Welsh Cake in October 2018. With a combined love for cooking and history, he put his own twist on his great-grandmother's and grandmother's Welsh cake recipe to develop a unique black Welsh cake. He is especially fond of Ammanford’s history, the mining town in Wales where he resides.

During the miners' fortnight celebrations in 2018, he spent some time learning about his great-grandfather's and grandfather's lives as miners. Back then, Welsh cakes were a popular confectionery that miners would take into the mines in their lunch boxes or pockets to keep their hunger at bay.

Michael wanted to put a twist on the Mangus Welsh cake recipe. He thought if dadcu had a Welsh cake in his pocket down the pit, then it would get full of black dust. So, he developed a unique black Welsh cake (picen ar y maen) to celebrate their lives as miners.

Michael has always wanted his own business to try and earn a living on his own, and he is a very tenacious young man, despite his disability. He wants to show people how able he is and how others like him can be of great value to the community.


Coming Soon

Mission Statement 

COALPIT Welsh Cake: a unique company by a unique young man.

It's all about the cake and history.

Nothing can beat the taste of a freshly baked welsh cake with a unique modern twist.

At COALPIT Welsh Cake, we take extreme pride in what we do. We bake unique black Welsh cakes with a variety of delicious flavours. Our unique Welsh cakes are handmade in small batches with the best natural, local ingredients and cooked in the traditional way—on a cast iron griddle.

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